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Listen to Your Heart for a Healthier Brain

Heart health and brain health go hand in hand. Did you know that there are some forms of heart disease associated with dementia and other kinds of cognitive impairment? According to vascular neurologist Dr. Philip Gorelick, “Over time, the arteries carrying blood to the brain may narrow or become damaged, which can lead to dementia. […] Read More >>

Baking and Making Memories in Jean’s Kitchen

One of our favorite things to do at Autumn Leaves is spend time in Jean’s Kitchen. A cozy spot at the heart of our communities named after CEO Mitch Warren’s beloved grandmother, it’s where you’ll find us most afternoons whipping up a snack or baking up a batch of cookies. Baking is a great way […] Read More >>

Dementia and the Freedom to Choose

Many of us resolve to make better choices each year, but not everyone has the freedom to do so. Imagine having every decision throughout the day made for you. That’s the reality for many who live with dementia. From sunrise to sunset, most of their day has been decided for them—what to wear, when to […] Read More >>

Caregivers: Try a new approach in the New Year

There’s something about the first of the month—especially January 1st—that sparks us to set a new goal or resolve to take better care of ourselves. But when you are living with someone who has memory impairments, you may find your life reset to the “first” more than once a month. And while this presents many […] Read More >>

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