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Clutter Concerns: Hoarding and Dementia

There are many reasons why a person might begin collecting items in their home, but if you notice your loved one developing uncharacteristic hoarding habits, this could signal a much bigger problem. Hoarding is a behavior characterized by the excessive accumulation of objects and difficulty discarding them. It has long been associated with mental health […] Read More >>

How Onsite Rehabilitation Services Improve Residents’ Lives

Rehabilitation is an essential aspect of care as we age and a wonderful complement to full-time dementia care. From maintaining mobility to improving fine motor skills, and even speech therapy, utilizing these kinds of skilled services can go a long way to enhance the quality of life for our residents. We are incredibly proud to […] Read More >>

Family Matters

Family is everything to most of us, so we take great pride in our small collection of family-owned senior living communities that continues to deliver on the promise of kindness, care, and personal attention for over two decades. As the saying goes, “family matters.” Never is that more true than in a loved one’s time […] Read More >>

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