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Aging, Down Syndrome, and the Dementia Connection

Dementia and Down Syndrome As individuals with Down Syndrome are now living well into middle and older age, they are facing many of the challenges that come with advanced age, including dementia. There are still many questions concerning how and why the disease develops among those living with Down Syndrome, but doctors and researchers believe […] Read More >>

Tonight at 6: A Love Story

St. Charles resident Kathleen and her husband Greg recently celebrated 37 years of marriage, so we sat down with Greg to get the inside scoop on how these two with noses for news found one another! Where did you and Kathleen meet? We met in 1982 while we were both working at WLS-TV. She wrote […] Read More >>

Eating Seasonally For Your Health

Did you know that enjoying foods during the peak window of freshness in the growing and harvesting cycle can be beneficial to your health? Fruits and veggies taste better and are more nutrient-dense, affordable, and easier to find when they’re in season. There are environmental benefits, too. Because they don’t have to be shipped from […] Read More >>

3 Ideas to Make Move-In Day A Little Easier

Making the decision to move your loved one to full-time memory care is a huge change for your entire family. Here are three tips that will help make your loved one’s move-in day just a little easier on them. Be An Earlybird. Sundowning refers to a time in the late afternoon and early evening when […] Read More >>

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