Gift Ideas: Shopping For A Loved One With Dementia

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Dementia-Friendly Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift for the ones we love can be a challenge, especially when the recipient is living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Gifts that used to be on their wish list may no longer be appropriate, depending on the stage of the disease. Remember that dementia diminishes the senses as well as dexterity, so things that are easy to see and handle are preferable to complex items with smaller pieces and parts. As always, giving the gift of your presence is the best gift of all, but here are some other helpful ideas!


Consider gifts that fulfill these needs:

Assists daily living: toiletries, towels, bathrobe, blanket, socks, slippers (make sure they have a secure back to reduce tripping) phone with larger keypad, digital clock with large numbers, nightlight, cup with a straw
Stimulates memories or helps them remember things: framed photos, photo albums, classic films or Tv shows from their era, a digital music player with their favorite songs, record player with old records, memory books, dry erase board with markers, colorful Post-it notes
Stimulates tactile senses and promotes dexterity: fidget blanket, activity board, gel mats, large piece puzzles, matching games, classic games like cornhole or ring toss, art supplies and a sketch pad
Books: coffee table books with beautiful photos of something they love, historical books relevant to a specific time in their lives (fashions of the ’60s or military history books with lots of photos), adult coloring books, puzzle books

Here are some of our top picks:

This large clock helps not only with easy-to-read time and date but also orients the person with dementia to the day of the week and general time of day. Buy it!


Call home with one touch! The buttons can be pre-programmed with numbers and corresponding pictures. We also recommend regular phones with larger buttons if they do not require the visual prompt of seeing a photo. Buy It!

Fidget quilts, twiddle muffs, and fidget aprons are all wonderful ways to occupy busy hands. You’ll find many handmade options on Etsy, such as this one from seller CareAndLoveUA. Buy It!

Matching and memory games help with cognitive stimulation and memory, not to mention the social benefits of playing games with peers. Relish has a great selection to choose from in a variety of themes. Buy It!

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