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How Onsite Rehabilitation Services Improve Residents’ Lives

Rehabilitation therapist flexes muscles with smiling senior patientRehabilitation is an essential aspect of care as we age and a wonderful complement to full-time dementia care. From maintaining mobility to improving fine motor skills, and even speech therapy, utilizing these kinds of skilled services can go a long way to enhance the quality of life for our residents.

We are incredibly proud to offer our residents access to an array of rehabilitation services at the community level thanks to our partnerships with service providers such as FOX Rehabilitation. These services, which are typically covered by Medicare, help residents maintain or even improve their physical, cognitive, and social abilities, reducing their dependence on caregiver assistance and enabling them to live as independently as possible. The sense of accomplishment a resident feels in recovering or retaining important skills needed for daily living is also instrumental in maintaining mental health.

Each Facet of Rehab Helps Different

Utilizing rehabilitation services in assisted living settings can lead to numerous benefits for residents.

  • Physical rehabilitation can help seniors recover from injuries or surgeries, manage chronic conditions such as arthritis, and improve mobility and strength, which reduces the risk of falls.
  • Occupational rehabilitation assists residents in modifying or improving basic skills or functions that may have declined due to dementia such as brushing teeth, getting dressed, eating, and bathing, among other activities that are vital to daily living.
  • Cognitive rehabilitation can help improve memory, problem-solving skills, and communication abilities, while social rehabilitation can help seniors build relationships, engage in meaningful activities, and maintain a sense of purpose and belonging.

Rehab services allow us to be more proactive care partners in our residents’ care. Our staff is very familiar with each of their resident’s acuity levels and the unique challenges they face and can help identify areas where they might benefit from specific rehabilitation services. A professional team of in-house rehabilitation partners works closely with each resident to develop personalized treatment plans that meet their individual needs and goals. We offer a range of skilled rehabilitation services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and more.

The following is a guest post from our partners at FOX Rehabilitation about the comprehensive set of services they provide to residents. FOX is proud to serve several of our Autumn Leaves communities not just as rehabilitation providers, but they have also helped enhance our daily exercise programs to help everyone stay active and get each day off to a great start!

You will find FOX Rehabilitation services in the following Autumn Leaves locations:

Autumn Leaves of Carrollton (Texas)
Autumn Leaves of Cityview (Texas)
Autumn Leaves of Cypresswood (Texas)
Autumn Leaves of Franklin (Wisconsin)

If you are interested in these services, please reach out to your community’s Director of Healthcare for more information. Each Autumn Leaves community has a rehab partner available for consultation with all our residents.

Helping Residents Achieve The Best Life Possible

FOX Rehabilitation is here to help residents achieve the best life possible, through physical and occupational therapy and speech-language pathology. Our goal is to help the aging population live better lives while enjoying their communities, families, and friends with as much comfort and independence as possible.

FOX believes in proactive therapy. We do not wait for an illness or medical event to initiate treatment. Instead, FOX works with our senior living partners to proactively identify residents with potential safety risks who qualify for and would benefit from therapy services. The goal is to improve strength, stamina, and balance, while significantly reducing the risk for falls.


FOX Restoring Balance is a true proactive, wellness-driven program, rather than a common illness-driven, reactive approach. Through communication with the nursing team on-site, residents may be identified as high fall risk by FOX using evidence-based functional outcome measures.


FOX Restoring Life provides individuals with a unique stage-specific approach to dementia using prescribed interventions to increase the quality of daily interactions and manage the challenges that come with the diagnosis. We teach how to focus on what a person with dementia can do — not what they can’t do.


Our approach is different. We provide the correct dose in terms of level and length of care, as determined by the evidence shown in each unique individual. Any other approach is a recipe for failure. FOX works the body, encourages the spirit, and honors the person. Our tools are clinical expertise, passion, empathy, engagement, responsiveness, listening, and laughter. We believe for one to have lasting improved health, one must heal completely, in their own time.

Our clinicians are experienced in helping treat impairments relating to almost any ailment or diagnosis common in older adults, including: cardiac, neurologic, orthopedic, pulmonary, and oncologic. Additionally, we can help with general diagnoses of weakness, atrophy, difficulty walking, or other debilitations. The good news is, a large number of our older adult patients can significantly improve their current functional status with a short duration of care.


FOX clinicians are trained and experienced in the treatment and care plans of patients with dementia, such as Alzheimer’s, and other diseases involving cognitive impairment. It is our mission to promote optimal function in all of our patients’ lives.


• Outpatient Therapy on Wheels

• Medicare Part B Provider

• No Hospitalization Required

• Program Directed by Full-Time Lead Clinician, PT, OT & SLP

• Collaboration with Staff To Assess Resident Fall Risk and Subsequent Care Needs

• Maximizes Resident Safety

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