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The Importance of Honoring Traditions

Three children sitting on back of estate car taking photographsMemories can spring from a variety of experiences, especially those that are connected to holiday traditions or lifelong habits and preferences. From Fourth of July festivities and beach vacations to family reunions and backyard barbeques, summer is ripe with memory-sparking potential! Summer is also the time of year that family togetherness (for better or worse!) plays a significant role in your daily life.

As your extended Autumn Leaves family, we understand the importance of continuing to honor your loved one’s family traditions and preferences, as it only serves to strengthen the relationships formed as we walk this path together. Whether it’s a special family vacation spot, days spent reading by the pool, or enjoying hot dogs at the ballpark, the sights, sounds, and even smells of your treasured traditions will forever be part of the vibrant memories that still remain ingrained in your loved one. Even if the events themselves have faded, the happiness evoked from their memory has not. This summer, try reminiscing over these wonderful moments together, or sharing them with us – you never know what joy it will spark!

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