Spring Brings New Beginnings at Autumn Leaves - Autumn Leaves

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Spring Brings New Beginnings at Autumn Leaves

The onset of Spring signifies a rebirth of sorts. The familiar tune of birdsong returns, tiny buds begin to appear in our gardens, and the chill of winter slowly starts to fade.

So too do we find ourselves celebrating new beginnings as the vaccine begins to arrive in our communities and across the country. A return to normalcy feels as if it is appearing just over the horizon. We can’t be sure what our “new normal” will look like, but our anticipation grows with each passing day. The idea of slowly and safely welcoming back families and all the smiling faces who have steadfastly surrounded our community with love since last March is becoming a reality as states release new visitation policies which have us cautiously optimistic for the first time in months. We could never have imagined one year ago that this pandemic would turn our world upside down, but instead of dwelling on the heartbreak, we choose to appreciate this opportunity for growth and renewal.

We look forward to seeing you walk through our door very soon!

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