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Nurses Week – In Their Own Words: Misty James, LVN

YearoftheNurse_logo_smThe American Nursing Association has declared 2020 the “Year of the Nurse” and asked nurses from across the country to share their stories. The following was written by Misty James, LVN, who serves as the Director of Healthcare for Autumn Leaves of Cypresswood in Spring, Texas:

I have been a nurse going on 27 years.  I was in the first class to ever take the state board exam on computer and the last class to wear solid white scrubs, white support hose, ugly white nursing shoes,  and the traditional nurse hat throughout school.  After graduating, I worked for 8 months at a prison infirmary but from there I went to a long term/skilled care facility which started my career in geriatrics.  I have worked for the last 26 years with the geriatric population. I love the elderly, I feel like I have a special connection with them and that this is the population I was meant to serve.

I have so many wonderful memories from my years of being a nurse, as well as many interesting and bizarre stories.  But my favorite thing about being a nurse is the camaraderie and unity that we have as nurses. When we put on our uniform and sign in to work we are all working toward the same common goal. We are not separated by political views, different ethnic backgrounds, or religion. We are all seeking to serve a common goal, the best interest of our patients, and that unites us as one.


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