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Latino’s Waltz to Ward off Alzheimer’s

Did you know that the numbers of Latinos living with Alzheimer’s disease are much greater than those of the general public? According to the Alzheimer’s Association of America the number of Latinos with the condition could potentially grow by 600% by 2050. Latinos are finding new ways in which the elderly who are living with this disease can keep their bodies and minds active.

The Latino Alzheimer’s & Memory Disorders Alliance (or LAMDA) started the program “Bailando por la Salud” (“Dancing for Health”). They did this because many folks who are living with Alzheimer’s are uncomfortable with other forms of exercise. These folks get together twice a week to step in sync in promenade-­‐like moves to danzón, a very popular genre of music in Mexico.

“People come here to dance and they are also getting their exercise in a way that they feel is culturally relevant to them. They feel good, and they interact with each other,” says LAMDA Executive Director Constantina Mizis. This offers Latinos who are living with Alzheimer’s the ability to enjoy music that is culturally relevant to them but also to get substantial exercise that helps keep them fit and in motion.

The goal for LAMDA is not only to help keep Latinos active while facing this disease but to aid in staving off other medical conditions such as diabetes and heart ailments. In fact, Mexican Americans are nearly twice as likely as non-­‐Hispanics to be diagnosed with diabetes. To learn more about this click here to read NBC News’ story.


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