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Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

According to the Texas Alzheimer’s Research and Care Consortium, an estimated 5.2 million Americans of all ages are living with Alzheimer’s disease. In Texas alone, that number is expected to increase from 340,000 to 470,000 by 2025. As you can see, individuals and families affected by Alzheimer’s disease are growing. What warning signs should you be looking for before you determine whether or not you speak to your Doctor?

Here are seven warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease that you should be aware of.

1.  Memory Loss. People often forget some details about an event or conversation but those with Alzheimer’s might forget the entire thing.
2. Repetition. People living with Alzheimer’s or dementia will repeat stories word for word or keep asking the same questions.
3. Language problems. Folks who have Alzheimer’s have profound problems remembering even the simplest of words and their speech patterns become contorted and hard to understand.
4. Personality changes. Sudden mood swings are a classic symptom of Alzheimer’s. You or your loved one might become emotional, depressed, angry or upset for no particular reason.
5. Disorientation and confusion. People living with Alzheimer’s often get lost in
places they otherwise know well. They may have problems doing the simplest of chores like brushing their teeth or putting on socks.
6. Lack of hygiene. People who otherwise always dress sharply may begin to wear stained clothing or stop bathing regularly.
7. Odd behavior. You may see your loved one doing things that are completely odd and unusual. Examples would be putting orange juice in a bathroom cupboard or keys in a freezer.

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