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Blood Test For Alzheimer’s Disease

Is it possible that a simple blood test might be able to offer an earlier Alzheimer’s diagnosis in some people?  According to new research from Georgetown University and the University of Rochester, a new test can determine with 90 percent accuracy whether an older adult might develop Alzheimer’s disease within approximately three years.

The exciting development is not only in the accuracy of the exam but how easy it will be for patients.  Gone will be the days of expensive brain scans and painful tests such as extracting fluid from the spine.  A simple test like this will assist in earlier diagnosis as well as in diagnosing patients who previously might not have had the means to be tested.

The researchers observed 525 otherwise healthy individuals who were more than 70 years-old over a 5-year period.  They were looking for 10 specific fats in their blood that could determine whether or not there was a risk for cognitive impairment or if the individual was otherwise healthy.  By the time the study had been completed, researchers discovered 74 individuals who showed signs of Alzheimer’s or amnestic mild cognitive impairment.

“Our novel blood test offers the potential to identify people at risk for progressive cognitive decline and can change how patients, their families and treating physicians plan for and manage the disorder,” said Dr. Howard Federoff, a study author and executive vice president of health sciences at Georgetown University Medical Center, in an article on the medical center’s website.

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