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Baking and Making Memories in Jean’s Kitchen

CrystalLake_applepieOne of our favorite things to do at Autumn Leaves is spend time in Jean’s Kitchen. A cozy spot at the heart of our communities named after CEO Mitch Warren’s beloved grandmother, it’s where you’ll find us most afternoons whipping up a snack or baking up a batch of cookies.

Baking is a great way for residents to share and reminisce over treasured family recipes, but it’s not just an emotional experience for them. From measuring ingredients, to stirring up the batter, and even cleaning the dishes afterward, it’s a wonderfully tactile activity. Regardless of the stage of disease, there’s something for everyone to do. And no matter how simple the task, residents love being part of the fun!

If you have a favorite family recipe, consider volunteering one afternoon in Jean’s Kitchen and share your joy of baking with us! Spending time in the kitchen is a wonderful opportunity to talk, laugh, and enjoy the sweet reward of your hard work!