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Foot Health and Dementia

Man with feet raisedHealthy feet are critical to mobility, but dementia may hinder a person’s ability to recognize foot pain. If you notice a change in gait, increase in falls, or an unwillingness to ambulate, foot problems could be the culprit.

In addition to regular visits to the podiatrist, check feet often for these issues: bunions, calluses, corns, hammer toes, ulcers or sores, swollen joints or toes, and nail fungus. These should be treated promptly before the foot condition worsens and causes more pain or discomfort.

Diabetics should be extra cautious; even a small infection could quickly become a very serious issue. Foot pain and neuropathy should be taken seriously.

Also, please consider the appropriateness and safety of your footwear. Slippers/slip-on shoes do not provide much in the way of support and because they are easy to accidentally step out of, may cause a shuffling gait or falls. Find a pair of comfortable shoes that fits correctly and offers plenty of support. If shoes are not an option, try a pair of non-slip socks to keep feet warm and give them extra grip.

Poor foot health can lead to unnecessary pain, limited mobility, and falls, so be sure to put your best foot forward and give your feet the TLC they deserve!