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Every Autumn Leaves® resident has a story.

Eating well is part of living well. Some of our fondest memories revolve around food, family, and friends. Food has the power to stimulate the senses and trigger memories. That’s why we make every meal an occasion for our residents, an opportunity to remember.

We call it life engagement and it begins with appealing menus prepared on-site to the highest standards. To enhance our daily offerings, we have a variety of special programs:

  • Chef’s Table Experience. This monthly dining extravaganza for residents and their families is specially prepared, hosted, and served by our master chefs. This exquisite feast of flavor, color, and aromas satiates the senses – potentially improving cognition and affording a special opportunity to socialize.
  • Intimate Family Dinner. Each month, one resident and family are the special guests of our Autumn Leaves chef, who prepares the family’s choice of a four-course meal, served in an elegant, private dining room to replicate a fine dining experience.
  • Family Recipe Showcase. We ask families to share their favorite, which we then prepare to the precise instructions and share with the entire community. It’s yet another way we personalize our care through the culinary experience to prompt memories – while celebrating our residents and honoring their families.
  • Special Sunday Socials. This weekly meet and greet serves up special treats – from ice cream sundaes to warm cookies and cocoa – to allow families to enjoy treats and time with their loved one and our other residents’ families.


 An Assisted Living Environment Specifically Designed for People with Dementia

page-content-image-2Because we care exclusively for people with dementia, we design our assisted living communities differently. The hallways are wider, with varied cutouts to encourage the residents to continue down the corridor to their suites. The lighting is brighter and more soothing to reduce the effects of “sundowning”–a phenomenon that occurs when the person with Alzheimer’s becomes anxious as the sun sets. These little touches all add up to provide the best possible care for your loved one. By designing a superior assisted living environment, we believe we can deliver superior memory care.

Dementia Care that Goes the Extra Mile

All of our nursing staff has been specifically trained to deliver the best in dementia care. But beyond this, everyone in the entire company has received basic training in how to best relate to those with dementia issues. We surround your loved one with a thoroughly trained and compassionate staff to consistently deliver both the heart and science of dementia care.

Memory Care from the Ground Up

Every Autumn Leaves community has been designed from the ground up to care for those with dementia. Each building is custom designed to deliver everything your loved one needs. Each community is built around a relaxing atrium that provides opportunities for safe wandering and cozy nooks to visit with family. There are picturesque walking paths on either side of the building that allow the residents the benefit of exercise and a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

Everything we do is by design.

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"When my grandma came to Autumn Leaves I truly thought that the decline she had recently taken was permanent. But after six months at Autumn Leaves her improvement is astounding. And there is no doubt in my mind that her improvement is the direct result of AL staff’s commitment to her care, her health, and her quality of life." Janna R. - Flower Mound, TX





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