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Thorough Resident Assessments

Our dedicated nursing staff has been trained to provide your loved one with the very best in memory care. This dementia care training is ongoing and is regularly refined and updated based on the latest dementia research and recommendations of industry experts.

Our assessments are completed by the Autumn Leaves® team and help us determine specific disease progression and what level of care will be needed on a case by case basis. It also gives us the opportunity to meet with the family and potential resident to determine if your loved one would benefit from our specialized dementia care or if another care option might be more appropriate. Regardless of whether or not you choose Autumn Leaves, we will work with you to help you find the best placement for your loved one based on their unique needs.

Dementia Specific Care and Medication Management

One of the most common challenges in dementia care is our residents’ declining ability to communicate pain or discomfort. Our team is trained to notice subtle changes in behavior and non-verbal cues that might otherwise go unnoticed. These small clues are often an indication of a change in condition that they may not otherwise be able to verbalize. Our nursing staff is also acutely aware of how medications or medical conditions may uniquely impact a person with dementia and will closely monitor any changes in demeanor with the assistance of our round-the-clock care staff who are quick to notice when a resident’s behavior changes.

In-House Rehabilitation Services

As we age, we may begin to see a decline in areas such as gait, strength, speech, or fine motor skills. Dementia may also enhance those effects or even necessitate a relearning of simple daily tasks such as dressing, brushing teeth, shaving, or feeding. Rehabilitation services are designed to help residents regain and retain as much strength, mobility, daily function, and independence as possible. These invaluable services may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, or a combination of all three. At Autumn Leaves, we have partnered with premier rehabilitation professionals to offer these services right here in the comfort of our residents’ home. Our rehab experts work closely with our nursing and care staff not only to address our residents’ immediate needs but to proactively respond to any changes in their behavior or abilities. This allows us to work together to mitigate future potential risks such as falls or loss of independence. Please reach out to your Director of Healthcare for more information on how to utilize our Rehabilitation Services.

" I could not have wished for better, more loving and compassionate care than we both received. Your staff was both professional and sensitive to emotional as well as physical needs. All the staff sincerely cares for the residents and it is quite evident. " Carletta B. - Cypresswood


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