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Inspired Connections™

Sorting Silverware ActivityMemory loss affects each person differently and there is no “one size fits all” method to care for all those living with dementia. A dementia diagnosis should not mean the end of a meaningful life filled with purpose and joy. It simply requires small adjustments to meet the individual wherever they are in their own journey. Instead of dwelling on what has been lost, we instead celebrate what is still there.

Thru Inspired Connections, a proprietary program we developed from decades of experience, we strive to elevate the person beyond their diagnosis. By nurturing and honoring their complete person physically, emotionally, spiritually and culturally we celebrate all that life has been, is, and will be for those loved ones that stay in our care.

A variety of sensory activities thru Inspired Connections may include:

  • Compassionate Touch – This approach combines skilled touch and specialized communication shown to promote calm and decrease behaviors.
  • Art Through The Ages – Using a variety of creative activities and outlets, we give residents regular opportunities for non-verbal expression to reduce agitation, boost mood, as well as give a sense of accomplishment and purpose.
  • Musical Memories – Tapping into the power of personalized music choices to unlock memories, ease agitation and pain, brighten the mood and stimulate the brain.
  • Purposeful Living – Residents take on simple tasks and engagements that add value and purpose to their life and foster feelings of belonging and contribution which may have been diminished by a dementia diagnosis
  • Meaningful Movement – This physical activity utilizes gentle forms of exercise to help maintain balance, stability, and muscle tone, as well as gives residents an outlet to release stress and ease agitation.
  • Deepening Relationships – Relationships are the glue that keep us bound as families and friends, and help pull us through some of the more difficult challenges of life. We emphasis the importance of developing personal relationships with the residents and encourage strengthening familial relationships with family meal-time, games and events.

Personalized Memory Care Engagement

By getting to know each resident on a personal level, we are able to offer personalized memory care activities for each and every resident. For instance, if a resident enjoys board games or puzzles, we make sure that there are plenty available. If we know that a particular resident routinely becomes anxious at a specific time of day, we can anticipate the behavior and redirect their focus. Our life engagement program demonstrates personalization by utilizing the six elements of life engagement that capture the essence of a resident – who they are, their lifetime of achievements, successes, and accomplishments – and then provides the tools for our community team to connect with them at each interaction throughout the day.

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"Within a month mom was participating in the morning exercise and devotional. She became alive again, she laughed and interacted with the care takers whenever there were activities or just sitting outside enjoying the weather. " Louise W. -Pearland, TX


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