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How Autumn Leaves is Addressing COVID-19 At Our Communities

REVISED VISITATION POLICY – Effective May 24th, 2021

As we continue to follow all CDC, State, and Local regulations regarding COVID-19, we are again updating our Family Visitation Policy. These updates will go into effect on Monday, May 24th.

We will still require all visitors to wear a mask and be pre-screened before entering the community. The CDC is still requiring all employees and visitors in the healthcare setting to wear a mask even if they have been vaccinated.

  1. Families no longer need to schedule a time to visit their loved one.
  2. Our communities are open to visits 7 days a week and any time of day, with the exception of mealtimes.
  3. Visits should take place in the resident’s room or in a private area of the community designated by the Executive Director.
  4. Only 2 visitors from a family may visit at a time. Additional visitors will require approval by the Executive Director.
  5. If you would specifically like to visit during mealtime to share a meal with your loved one, please reach out to the Executive Director to schedule your visit. These special visits will place in Jean’s Kitchen or our Private Dining Room.


Our COVID-19 Infection Control Protocol

We wanted to remind you of the essential base protocol in place at every Autumn Leaves and Autumn Oaks community in coordination with CDC and state health department guidelines. We remain ever vigilant in our enhanced infection protocol to reduce the residents’ risk of exposure to COVID-19. The health and safety of our residents and staff is our absolute highest priority, and we continue to take every precaution necessary in this effort. We are deeply grateful for our outstanding Autumn Leaves and Autumn Oaks team members who work on the frontlines of this pandemic day after day, doing all they can to keep their residents safe. 

  1. Unless permitted by the state, all visitation is limited to essential medical personnel only
  2. Approved visitors must sign in and pass health screening which includes a brief questionnaire and temperature check
  3. All staff/approved visitors wear personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times in the building
  4. Frequent hand-washing for residents and staff throughout the day
  5. Enhanced disinfection and cleaning throughout the building multiple times per day, paying special attention to high touch/high traffic areas
  6. Actively monitoring all residents and staff for fever or any other signs of illness. Any staff who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 are sent home immediately, or, if they experience symptoms at home, are asked to stay home to quarantine until cleared by local health officials
  7. Practicing social distancing as appropriate, understanding that our staff will need to be close to render care at certain times
  8. Focus on smaller group activities for residents throughout the day to prevent large gatherings in any part of the community
  9. Weather permitting, residents enjoy access to our secured courtyards throughout the day for fresh air and sunshine
  10. Maintain close contact with our local health departments in each city where an Autumn Leaves or Autumn Oaks community is located to ensure we’re receiving real-time updates of risk levels and changing guidelines in each of our locations. 


If there are suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our community, the following steps are immediately taken to help contain the virus and keep residents as safe as possible. 

  1. If a staff member is suspected of having COVID-19, they are sent home immediately for testing and to quarantine until released by local health authorities
  2. If a resident is suspected of having COVID-19, they are moved to their rooms for isolation and COVID-19 testing is arranged for the entire community – resident family/POA is notified immediately – contact tracing best efforts are employed to identify anyone who may have been in contact with infected residents and/or staff members so that they can seek testing and stop the spread of the virus
  3. All outside authorized visitation (as allowed by the state) is temporarily suspended with the exception of hospice and home health
  4. Contact local health department for next steps, including the scheduling of community-wide testing
  5. Staff is educated on positive/suspected case(s) and begins wearing N-95 masks and gowns (when interacting with any positive resident(s)) until further notice
  6. Enhanced infection control and disinfection beyond baseline measures, with special attention to resident(s) room(s) of anyone who has tested positive and common areas they frequented
  7. Dining rooms close – residents receive all meals and snacks in their rooms on disposable dinnerware, with an increased focus on resident hydration throughout the day
  8. Staff will make every effort to encourage residents to stay in their rooms depending on the number of positive cases in the community. Life Engagement and Care Staff transition to one-on-one engagement with residents to ensure they have meaningful activity and engagement each day
  9. Testing conducted in coordination with local health department at their recommended intervals until negative results achieved for two consecutive testing periods
  10. Families/POAs will receive regular updates from the Executive Director on how residents are doing and our next steps including testing dates and any official guidelines from the local health department

Because government policies and guidelines vary from state to state, please click here to contact our communities directly for information specific to their location.



"Absolutely choose this place if your family member needs dementia care. We looked in the area at about 10 places, but they all had different types of rates that increase once the resident's condition progresses. My wife actually works at a neurologist's office so we are well aware of what to look for in finding memory care. With Coronavirus still prohibiting visitors, Autumn Leaves has done a great job of keeping us informed and communicating care and my mother-in-law's progress. They also share on Facebook pics of her and she is attending so many activities. We couldn't be happier." St. Charles family member

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