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Similar Symptoms for Depression and Alzheimer’s Disease

Early-stage Alzheimer’s disease and depression share similar symptoms, according to a recent article published by the Mayo Clinic. Because the symptoms are so alike, doctors sometimes have had a hard time distinguishing between the two brain disorders. Depression is also one of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. The article states that people who suffer from Alzheimer’s […] Read More >>

Adult Day Stays: The Caregiver’s Life Preserver

Anyone caring full-time for a loved one with memory-impairment knows that taking a break from 24/7 caregiving is the best way to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit. But how do you take that break? Here is a poignant quote from the National Institute on Aging’s free guide book, Caring for a Person with […] Read More >>

Steps Caregivers Can Take To Help Prevent Falls

As we age, health issues become a much more serious challenge in our lives. How we deal with those health issues and what we do to help prevent them are of utmost importance, especially if we are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or other form of memory loss. People living with Alzheimer’s or dementia […] Read More >>

Welcome to the Autumn Leaves Blog

Welcome to the Autumn Leaves Blog. This is a vibrant section of our web site where we offer news and information about memory care, solutions for families caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia. You can also plan to see events of interest, clinical and industry developments as well as good news about our communities, our staff and of course, our wonderful residents, their family members and friends. Read More >>

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