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Can An Eye Test Predict Alzheimer’s?

Researchers in their quest to find new testing for Alzheimer’s disease are trying new and innovative methods to detect the disease much earlier.  We’ve heard recent word of simple blood testing showing promising results.  At the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, some exciting research was presented highlighting the potential of new vision testing […] Read More >>

Scientists Getting Closer To A Blood Test For Alzheimer’s

A few months back word came that scientists were doing studies on a simple blood test that could determine if someone had Alzheimer’s disease.  There were a significant amount of questions on the test, its reliability and if this type of testing would ever be readily available.  According to a new study just released, a […] Read More >>

Better Ways To Test Alzheimer’s Drugs Needed

There really is no debate that Alzheimer’s awareness and research is at an all time high.  June was Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness month with much of the push being centered around gaining more awareness of the disease.  We recently saw comedian Seth Rogen on Capitol Hill pleading for more funding as Alzheimer’s disease funding significantly […] Read More >>

Feeding The Brain Curiosity Helps Delay Alzheimer’s, Study Says

Researchers across the world are finding new ways in which to tackle the very difficult challenge of new and innovative testing which might lead to a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. We’ve heard of recent large scale testing in regards to amyloid protein which is a hallmark of those living with Alzheimer’s disease. What if researchers tested something very basic: […] Read More >>

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