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Nurses Week – In Their Own Words: Necko Esters, LVN

YearoftheNurse_logo_smThe American Nursing Association has declared 2020 the “Year of the Nurse” and asked nurses from across the country to share their stories. The following was written by Necko Esters, LVN, who serves as the Director of Healthcare for Autumn Leaves of Memorial City in Houston, Texas. 

COVID-19 is a pandemic that has taken a toll on our daily and professional lives and as we adhere to the call of action that our government officials and the CDC has set forth. We at Autumn Leaves of Memorial City took charge to keep our residents safe and their families at ease. This team has worked full throttle to keep residents and their families in constant contact throughout the pandemic, making video calls and phone calls readily accessible, making sure that we keep in close contact with family members of all essentials needed for their stay as we have waited out this devastation.

As the Director of Healthcare of this facility, I have never seen a team turn into more than just a team, but a community that ensures the safety and security of our residents and their families are meet. As nurses and medical professionals, that’s what it means to be the forefront at all costs, working around the clock to ensure that all needs are meet, creating more than just a home environment for our residents but an extended family coming together for a greater cause. Our doctors and extended medical professionals have open their doors with more than just visits but ensuring we have the materials needed to make sure our Autumn Leaves family is secure.

We sometimes forget how much community and unity is needed until you see it in action and I’m so proud of this team and in being a Nurse; this is why I dedicated my life to serve the community to protect and nurture their health needs no matter the time or day. We’re so happy that it reflects just that – hard work and dedication in a loving community facility for residents and their families.


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