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This Is ALZ: Making Connections Through Reminiscing

It’s not uncommon or unnatural for caregivers to experience frustration when spending time with our loved ones who are living with dementia. Often those frustrations lie in their diminished recall, especially when it comes to short-term memory. You may catch yourself saying things like, “Mom, I just told you that!” or “How could you not remember that we just went to the store?” This can be shaming and demoralizing to the person with dementia. So instead of fixating on the abilities that are fading, try to focus on the things that remain strong, such as long-term memories. In this short clip, Director of Life Engagement, Clair Jameson, offers insight on a special (and fun!) technique for connecting with your loved one wherever they are on their dementia journey.

Video about reminiscing

Director of Life Engagement, Clair Jameson

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