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This Is ALZ: Giving Back

TowneLake_cookiesfiremen9A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia comes with a host of major changes, including a new home for many on this journey. Our residents understandably long to stay connected to the local community beyond our Autumn Leaves doorstep and give back in some way. The process of “giving back” not only benefits the community, but we see that our residents experience a higher quality of life as a result. Our Community Connections program is one way we ensure our residents maintain those important connections to local groups and organizations, and it’s truly remarkable to see their passion for these projects each month.

Take our Towne Lake community, for example. This past month, they worked together to bake cookies for their 2 local fire departments who happen to be their First Responders. The residents wanted to show their appreciation for taking such great care of the Towne Lake community. They spent the day baking and sorting over 200 cookies, making sure each shift had their own plate and then jumped on the Autumn Leaves van to make deliveries!

Not only was it a great outing, but they got a wonderful history lesson in the process. As it turns out, the Cherokee County Fire Station is the county’s very FIRST fire station. Back in the 1930s, a local resident decided there wasn’t an emergency response team close enough to the area, so he bought a trailer and a fire truck and named himself chief of the department! The years passed and they added on bit by bit, but this year they finally built a state-of-the-art new fire station – with a bit of the old remaining. They saved a wall from the original structure and incorporated it into the new building. A wonderful reminder that we should always be grateful for the strong foundations of our past. The crew gave a very excited group of residents their very own tour of the station, and the residents got to share their cookies and heartfelt thanks with the first responders!

Below: Towne Lake residents pose in front of Engine #1 with members of the Cherokee County Fire Department