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This Is ALZ: Dementia and Nutrition

One of the most common challenges in caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s is ensuring adequate food consumption. Family members will often tell us their loved one does not finish meals, even when you sit with them and actively encourage them to eat. It was once thought that this decreased consumption was tied to depression or apathy, but research has uncovered a visual-cognitive deficiency caused by Alzheimer’s. Simply put, it’s difficult for the person to see their food on a white or light plate due to decreased visual functions. Imagine having diminished eyesight and trying to pour milk into a white cup, or trying to find cauliflower on a light colored plate. Associate Vice President of Hospitality and Executive Chef, Bobby Jeffrey, explains why we are changing the color and size of our plates to help improve consumption at Autumn Leaves.

Dementia and Nutrition

AVP of Hospitality and Executive Chef, Bobby Jeffrey