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Resident Spotlight: John

ArlingtonHeights_JohnWhen you walk into Autumn Leaves of Arlington Heights and are greeted by a vibrant, energetic man, it is probably resident John! John moved to our community in late 2015, and continues to be a big part of our family. As a young person, John was very active and could be found on the softball field and basketball court. John had a very exciting career and is responsible for the success of many of the talented individuals on stage and television today. In the ’70s, John taught theater, acting, and English at local area high schools. Even after their graduation, he continued to be a mentor to many of his students, encouraging them to follow their dreams.

When John retired from teaching in 1994, he was Fine Arts Director and head Speech Coach at Prospect High School. After retiring from teaching, he taught speech at Oakton Community College, and directed three shows there, including “Not About Nightingales.” No wonder  he keeps us so entertained!

Thank you, John (and wife, Barbara) for all you do to uplift us and make us smile each and every day!

Submitted by Valerie Rose
Life Engagement Manager
Autumn Leaves of Arlington Heights