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Nurses Week – In Their Own Words: Brittany Y. Lee, BSN, RN, CLNC, CDP, CPHRM

YearoftheNurse_logo_smThe American Nursing Association has declared 2020 the “Year of the Nurse” and asked nurses from across the country to share their stories. The following was written by our National Director of Clinical Compliance and Services, Brittany Lee, and was chosen to be featured on their website this week:

The recent COVID-19 crisis has taken a different meaning in my contribution to the healthcare industry. As the clinical leader of a senior living organization, I carry the responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of our residents and staff in multi-state communities. At the onset, I knew that this is a task where my credibility, competence, and integrity- the foundation of the nursing profession- will make a significant impact.

I became a nurse by choice, not by accident. I knew that nursing requires genuine commitment and passion for caring for other people. Over the years, a question that keeps reverberating in my ears- “what is your shining moment as a nurse?” To date, I do not have an answer, and my story may not even be worth telling.

BrittanyLee_photoThe nursing principles provide a unifying ethos for the nurses’ actions. Nurses are process-driven and critical thinkers. We are guided by standards of practice and evidence-based approaches in the delivery of care. In short, nurses value consistency as part of the fabric of their day-to-day operations. Managing the uncertainty of COVID-19, I have the confidence that the consistent application of the core nursing processes will be my best ally in making sound judgment. I have detractors and supporters alike, but my courage to face failure in times of adversity and determination to do with what I have been given keep me focused on things that matter.

Currently, all of our communities in four different states are COVID-19 free. I do not take credit for this success. The nurses and community teams deserve every recognition for sustaining an incident-free environment. We still have a long way to go before this pandemic is over, but I will continue my voice to lead – nursing the world to health.

To me, nursing is not made of shining moments to tell the world. It is a platform to influence others, a beacon of selfless service, and a lifelong commitment to making a difference in the world. Every day is another nursing journey, an adventure from the heart. Happy Nurses’ Week.

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