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Culinary Experience

As dementia progresses, your loved one’s appetite may decrease. This can be a significant challenge for the resident and their family. This is why Autumn Leaves has carefully designed our culinary program to provide your loved one their preferred choices as well as ensuring nutritional needs are met. Secondly, we know an intimate and calm dining experience will encourage socialization and will nurture friendships. We accomplish this by creating smaller dining rooms to feel more like home.

Our entire program is based on what is best for our residents. We recognize the importance of the culinary experience for both our residents and their families so we have designed our program to accomplish these goals.

Everything is by Design

For our residents who tend to wander, we offer finger foods so they can walk and eat at the same time. This allows our residents the freedom to move about the community in a safe and secure environment while getting the nutrition they need.

Through our experience we have seen that greater contrast between the color of the plate and the color of the food increases the likelihood that the resident will eat more. If the white potatoes are on a white plate, the resident cannot see them and therefore will not eat them, resulting in weight loss.

The Culinary Team prepares three scrumptious meals daily for our residents. We believe that mealtime is a time of fellowship; family members are always welcome to join their loved one for a complimentary meal.

Every Meal is Something Special

  1. Daily High Quality, Wholesome and Nutritional Food Selections – Autumn Leaves provides a wide variety of high quality meals that include the freshest meats, seafood, and produce. All meals are made from scratch.
  2. Culinary Team – Every employee in our Culinary Department is trained specifically to recognize the needs of the individuals in our care. We know our residents so well that we are able to provide a custom dining experience for each person. Autumn Leaves has an in-house Dietitian who works to support our Culinary Department. Our Dietitian, along with our company Chefs, design all meals to be enjoyable and nutritionally appropriate.
  3. Special Occasions, Festive Experiences, and In-House Catering – Special occasions and festive experiences play a part in the dining experience at each community. All foods prepared and served at holidays, birthdays, special occasions, and milestone events are prepared from our menus by our Corporate Chef and his team of culinary experts. Some culinary delights we have enjoyed in the past have included prime rib, chicken roulade, and stuffed pork tenderloin.

Members of the American Culinary Federation (ACF)

Every Autumn Leaves Culinary Manager is a member of the ACF. Through membership in the ACF, each Autumn Leaves Chef and Dietician receives continuing education on current trends, preparation techniques, and culinary best practices. Our dieticians work closely with our Chefs to provide your loved one with menus that balance nutrition with appetite appeal.

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"I’m thrilled with the place! I’ve been there several times and the food looked wonderful. It’s all home cooked. " Family Member - Rockwall, TX