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A guide to doctors and dementia

A dementia diagnosis is life changing, both for the individual with the disease and their loved ones. If you sense that you or a family member may be showing signs of dementia, you likely have dozens of questions. But who should you call first when seeking a diagnosis? Dementia is one of those rare diseases […] Read More >>

Quilting a legacy of love

Customer Care Manager Debi Trammell is a natural when it comes to assisting others who reach out to us in their time of need, but the tables were turned recently when the person on the other end of the line asked if she could help us. Debi learned that Ellen Horan had been busy all winter sewing small fidget […] Read More >>

2017 Employee Recognition Award Winners

Each year we recognize our outstanding employees with 3 special awards: Family First: This award is given to the person in each region who is our top team player Memories Matter: This award is given to the person in each region who is most committed to the mission of Autumn Leaves Strong Roots: This award […] Read More >>

Using Essential Oils to Improve Mood & Behavior in Dementia

[in-vig-uh-reyt] to give vigor to; fill with life and energy; energize. At Autumn Leaves, we use essential oils in simple, yet impactful ways to help our residents with dementia change their mood or behavior. We call it Invigorate™: Lemon at lunch Diminished appetite is one of many challenges we face when caring for those with […] Read More >>