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resources for seniors, caregivers, and professionals

Preserving Resident Stories Through the OneDay App

November is “Family Stories Month,” and there is nothing like the onset of dementia to remind you just how precious those memories are. One way we’re preserving our residents’ stories is with the OneDay for Senior Living app. This tool allows us to record short interviews or special moments with the tap of a button. […] Read More >>

This Is ALZ: The Importance of Routine

Routine is a caregiver’s best friend and not-so-secret weapon. Having a good routine in place can make the difference between a bad day or a good day for someone living with Alzheimer’s. In a world that is increasingly confusing, unfamiliar, and overwhelming, routines offer comfort and stability. Familiar touchpoints throughout the day can go a […] Read More >>

Ms. Rockwall Pageant celebrates beauty inside and out

A gently crinkled smile that hints at a life filled with laughter, a crown of graying hair that says you’ve seen a few things in your many years…  there is an unmistakable beauty and grace that can only come with age. And while our inaugural Ms. Rockwall pageant had plenty of glamour and glitz, those elements paled […] Read More >>

Back To School Memories

It’s back-to-school time! Those of us with children or grandchildren may be busy buying new school clothes and supplies. For students and their teachers, “back-to-school time” is an exciting time for new beginnings. Your loved one might enjoy reminiscing over those back-to-school days of years gone by. If you have family photos from back-to-school days […] Read More >>