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This Is ALZ: Dementia and Nutrition

One of the most common challenges in caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s is ensuring adequate food consumption. Family members will often tell us their loved one does not finish meals, even when you sit with them and actively encourage them to eat. It was once thought that this decreased consumption was tied to […] Read More >>

Thank you, Veterans

              It is our honor and privilege to care for many of the men and women who so bravely served in the U.S. Armed Forces. In each Autumn Leaves community, you will find a Wall of Honor featuring the photos of our resident Veterans. The wall serves as a […] Read More >>

Preserving Resident Stories Through the OneDay App

November is “Family Stories Month,” and there is nothing like the onset of dementia to remind you just how precious those memories are. One way we’re preserving our residents’ stories is with the OneDay for Senior Living app. This tool allows us to record short interviews or special moments with the tap of a button. […] Read More >>

This Is ALZ: The Importance of Routine

Routine is a caregiver’s best friend and not-so-secret weapon. Having a good routine in place can make the difference between a bad day or a good day for someone living with Alzheimer’s. In a world that is increasingly confusing, unfamiliar, and overwhelming, routines offer comfort and stability. Familiar touchpoints throughout the day can go a […] Read More >>