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Better Ways To Test Alzheimer’s Drugs Needed

There really is no debate that Alzheimer’s awareness and research is at an all time high.  June was Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness month with much of the push being centered around gaining more awareness of the disease.  We recently saw comedian Seth Rogen on Capitol Hill pleading for more funding as Alzheimer’s disease funding significantly […] Read More >>

Feeding The Brain Curiosity Helps Delay Alzheimer’s, Study Says

Researchers across the world are finding new ways in which to tackle the very difficult challenge of new and innovative testing which might lead to a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. We’ve heard of recent large scale testing in regards to amyloid protein which is a hallmark of those living with Alzheimer’s disease. What if researchers tested something very basic: […] Read More >>

What Can You Do To Help Raise Alzheimer’s Awareness?

The Alzheimer’s Association recently moved Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness month from September to June.  They’ve also altered the name of the month to give further awareness not only to Alzheimer’s disease, but also other brain related diseases.  There are many goals they hope to accomplish.  Amongst these are raising overall awareness, getting people more active […] Read More >>

Innovative New Testing Begins In Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease

The month of June brings the first annual Alzheimer’s and brain awareness month.  The idea is to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s disease and how you can make a difference.  Just this past week, a major study began to see if an experimental drug can protect healthy seniors whose brains show signs they are at risk […] Read More >>