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Holiday Sharing: Celebrate Thanksgiving with Stories

Many people head out to the malls on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. But here’s an alternative that won’t cost you anything, and could create treasured memories: spend a few hours that day sharing family stories. November is Family Stories Month. And on the day after Thanksgiving, an organization called StoryCorps invites all Americans […] Read More >>

When is the Right Time to Take Away the Car Keys?  

Many adult children must ask themselves the difficult question, “Should my mom still be driving?” For some, after a quick observation the answer can be obvious. For most individuals, a much more thorough analysis and a medical opinion need to be taken into consideration before making this important decision. An honest assessment of the following […] Read More >>

When your loved one no longer recognizes you

Forgotten, but not gone. Has your loved one reached the point where he or she no longer recognizes you?  It’s a deeply upsetting milestone and a heartache to bear. Sometimes family members wonder whether their visits are meaningful, if a spouse or parent no longer recognizes them. Do they see me or just a stranger? […] Read More >>

Alzheimer’s and Appetite

Providing good nutrition can pose a challenge when your loved one has Alzheimer’s or dementia.  Even when you prepare appealing, nutritious meals, you may find it difficult to entice your loved one to eat enough food — or the right foods. As cognitive function declines, appetite often diminishes as well. A person with dementia may […] Read More >>