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Hospice: An In-Depth Look, Part 4

In our previous installments, we’ve covered all the many ways hospice can help, but when is the right time to make that call? Challenges and Signs To Look For Like so many other aspects of this disease, there are some challenges and patterns we see in hospice care for persons living with dementia. Aside from […] Read More >>

Hospice: An In-Depth Look, Part 3

The amount of financial and legal decisions you are faced with as a loved one comes to the end of life can be overwhelming. In addition, families may also seek spiritual support to guide them through this transition. Hospice has a team of experts who can help. Treating body and soul. For many, death is […] Read More >>

Hospice: An In-Depth Look, Part 2

In our previous post, we discussed the history and background of hospice. But what does hospice care look like today? Hospice is covered by Medicare Part A, Medicaid, and most private insurance. You must qualify for hospice, which is done by a doctor’s evaluation. Medicare stipulates that you must have a terminal diagnosis within 6 […] Read More >>

Hospice: An In-Depth Look, Part 1

Hospice. The word alone can incite panic. It signifies the end of one life and the beginning of another chapter for the ones left behind. And perhaps that’s the reason just the mere mention of hospice evokes such sadness and fear – in trying to avoid that final goodbye, we often just don’t talk about […] Read More >>