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Resident Spotlight: Jeannette

Jeannette was born in Orange Grove, Texas in 1926.  She spent a year in London but has lived in Texas most of her life.  She received an Education Degree from University of Texas and University of Houston and became a German and English teacher for Westchester/Stratford High School for Spring Branch Independent School District.  She […] Read More >>

Resident Spotlight: Claudio

Claudio is from La Spezia, Italy. At the age of 23, he moved to Germany, where he later met his bride-to-be, Charlotte. In 1975, they moved to the United States. A very skilled service technician, Claudio did very detailed work on surgical equipment. He was also an avid soccer player and played regularly until the […] Read More >>

Resident Spotlight: Mercie

Mercie was born in 1935 in the town of Trinidad, Colorado.  She married her high school sweetheart, Fil, (who happened to be her teacher’s son!) at the age of 18. Mercie and Fil have four beautiful children together named Fil, Elaine, Rhonda, and Christopher.  Mercie is a devoted mother and wife.  She loves traveling and […] Read More >>

Resident Spotlight: David

David was a 1st Lieutenant in the US Army and is very proud of his service to this country.  He was a member of the 293rd Engineer Battalion and during his tenure he built roads among other things on the bases in Germany. David trained as a Ranger and was the Outstanding graduate of his […] Read More >>