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2018 Argentum Hero Award Winner, Emily Horne

Towne Lake Life Engagement Manager Emily Horne was honored as one of two Hero Award Winners at the 2018 Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference this year. Below is an article that appeared in Senior Living Executive Magazine highlighting many of the reasons why Emily was nominated for the prestigious award and how she makes such […] Read More >>

Reflections on Mother’s Day

While tangible gifts like flowers, scented candles, jewelry, and cozy loungewear are all great ways to show your appreciation, the most important thing you can give to Mom on Mother’s Day is the gift of time. The two of you are making a journey together—one that started with the joining of two single cells months […] Read More >>

60 Minutes Special: Life of an Alzheimer’s Caregiver

In a recently aired segment on CBS’ 60 Minutes, Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook shared an update on Carol and Mike Daly, a couple he has followed for the last decade as Alzheimer’s slowly took Carol away, leaving her husband physically and emotionally shattered in its wake. Schekesia Meadough, BSN, RN, CDP, and Vice President of […] Read More >>

Hospice: An In-Depth Look, Part 5

As you walk with your loved one down this final path on their earthside journey, making sure you have a trust-worthy, compassionate, and qualified hospice care team to support you is critical. So what should you look for in a hospice care provider? Word of mouth or personal referral is a great way to start. Chances […] Read More >>