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Navigating the Long Goodbye: Coping with a Parent’s Dementia 

Having a parent with dementia can be an incredibly challenging and emotional experience. Nancy Reagan referred to this journey as “the long goodbye,” a poignant phrase that captures the heart-wrenching nature of witnessing a parent’s gradual decline. As we are in the midst of the Mother’s and Father’s Day season, the pain can intensify; reminding […] Read More >>

Coping With Difficult Behavior

  As Alzheimer’s and other dementias progress, behaviors change. Some behaviors — such as agitation and aggression — can pose very difficult challenges for caregivers. People with Alzheimer’s or dementia may shout, curse or become verbally abusive. They may begin hitting or pushing. Others suffer from feelings of anxiety or agitation and may become restless […] Read More >>

Clutter Concerns: Hoarding and Dementia

There are many reasons why a person might begin collecting items in their home, but if you notice your loved one developing uncharacteristic hoarding habits, this could signal a much bigger problem. Hoarding is a behavior characterized by the excessive accumulation of objects and difficulty discarding them. It has long been associated with mental health […] Read More >>

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