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Beat Boredom In the Great Outdoors

Rockwall_gardeningBoredom. It plagues us all from time to time, but for individuals living with dementia, it can be especially frustrating. Depending on the progress of their disease, they may not be physically able to do as much as they used to, or perhaps they miss their old daily routine. Wandering, daytime napping, agitation, loneliness – these are all signs your loved one may be dealing with boredom.

But no matter their limitations, there are many ways we can help alleviate this feeling. We are passionate about getting residents involved in purposeful activities around the community, and that includes getting outdoors each day (weather permitting) to connect with nature. Exposure to the sun calibrates the body’s circadian rhythm which regulates everything from appetite and sleep to mood and energy. Gardening in our raised beds, taking a walk, birdwatching, working on a craft in the courtyard, or simply enjoying the morning paper outside can make such a difference in overall happiness.

Quality time in nature offers many benefits and our secured outdoor areas allow residents to safely enjoy the fresh air and sunshine throughout the day. As acclaimed architect Frank Lloyd Wright once remarked, “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”