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Back To School Memories

Mother outside front door, buttoning sweater of daughter going off to school with her brother. (Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/Retrofile/Getty Images)It’s back-to-school time! Those of us with children or grandchildren may be busy buying new school clothes and supplies. For students and their teachers, “back-to-school time” is an exciting time for new beginnings.

Your loved one might enjoy reminiscing over those back-to-school days of years gone by. If you have family photos from back-to-school days in past years, bring them in to enjoy together. Many people with Alzheimer’s and dementia will retain long-term memories, and will enjoy revisiting them with you.

At Autumn Leaves, September is the time when we show appreciation for our residents who are retired teachers. Like our veterans, they served their communities, and they touched the lives of the children they taught. Join us in giving them a big “thanks.”